I provide individual therapy for adults. Sometimes a person is dealing with long-standing issues; at other times the focus may be a new situation or challenge. I typically help people with:

Relationship concerns

Work or school difficulties

Life transitions


Learning and attentional disorders

Blocks to creativity or performance


Family issues

Stress and emotions

Loss and grief


Autistic disorders


Exploration and growth

For therapy to be effective, a good working relationship between client and therapist is essential. Therapy is always a collaborative process. My role includes developing a clear understanding of you and your concerns, helping you recognize themes and patterns in your life, suggesting strategies for learning and practicing new skills and behaviors, and providing support and encouragement. Your role includes being open in sessions about your thoughts, feelings and life events as well as working between sessions to reflect on what we discuss and try out changes.

The process of therapy varies from person to person depending on individual circumstances. Length of treatment is difficult to predict, but most people find a sense of relief and a diminishment of some symptoms within a few sessions. Many effective treatment approaches are designed for 20 sessions or less. I am flexible in scheduling to meet client needs.

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